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FON is a company that runs a system of shared wireless networks. FON’s members or “Foneros” are consumers who agree to share their WiFi with others, in return can freely access all other FON wireless access points. The company sells low-cost access to non-community members. FON’s La Fonera routers have been designed to enable Foneros to share their home WiFi access in a secure manner. La Fonera routers split the WiFi signal, creating a secure private channel to broadband internet for the user and a separate channel to share with fellow Foneros.


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by FON Wireless Ltd.

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fon driver version created: 3/24/2009 10:20:29 PM
Last fon driver update: 4/7/2008 3:42:31 PM
Version #: 500.00

File name: http://www.fon.com/en/

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