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GigaOM 30 min PC setup

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"It took me just 30 minutes to get set up and be productive. How did this happen? Call it the power of the cloud.... Without spending a single penny, I was ready to go to work." -- Om Malik July 11, 2009


Efficiency & Productivity
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  • "I am not a big fan of Google Mail and prefer a desktop client; Apple Mail is pretty good."
  • one of my favorite Firefox add-ons
  • "I am used to keeping my computers synced via Dropbox. I set up folders for each month and every day of the month. This allows me to keep files — photos, videos and random notes — in sync."
  • " I grabbed a client for Evernote, my digital library where I keep my web clippings and archives."
  • "I keep most of my important documents in Google Docs... I don’t need Microsoft Office: Google Docs does a good enough job. "
  • "I use Meebo as my IM client"
  • " If I need to edit photos, Picasa and Windows Media Editor seem to be pretty promising. "
  • " I store my music on a PogoPlug-enabled G-Mini 1TB drive, I didn’t need to do much more than download the iTunes client and, of course, the PogoPlug software"
  • one of my favorite Firefox add-ons
  • " I grabbed the latest version of VLC for video playback of files. "
  • one of my favorite Firefox add-ons


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