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Best Free Adware Removers from Tech Support Alert

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This Pack includes all the adware/malware removers on TechSupportAlert's July 2009 list.



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  • TSA: "Tied for second... able to identify just 43 infections, though some of the more serious threats identified by SAS were included in these."
  • "...if your PC is acting strange and you suspect that you've been victimized by malware... Try downloading and using Trend Micro's HijackThis, and with the help of experts, you may be able to track down the source of the problem and then fix it."
  • TSA: "Tied for second... Where MBAM did better than other products on test was it's ability to remove hijacked DNS entries"
  • TSA: "every time I tried to visit a site guaranteed to infect me, it was simply shown as not found."
  • TSA: " found just 3 threats"
  • TSA: "found absolutely none"


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