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C-Media Xear 3D Advanced Program; C-Media AC97 UDA driver; C-Media AC97 Audio Device

Ver UDA046_build02  Release Date:  09/03/2004 -Version information:
UDA driver   : v5.12.01.0046 Logo
Support Southbridge: sis7012,VIA3059,ICH2,ICH4,ICH6,ALi1563,ALi1535D+,nVidia MCP,T,ATI150,300, etc for Windows
VXD driver   : v0324
NT4 driver   : v4.10.00.002Ba for ICH2,ICH4,SIS7012,VIA8233
               V4.10.00.000Bb for ALi5451 , sis7018
Configuration: v.
Play3D Demo  : v004
Setup program: v2.052

1. Add Logo mechanism for specific company.
2. Keep Speaker Volume when switch RoomSize
3. wave playback buffer account cant use 8 otherwise will failed on W2K..
4. fix bug:sometimes cant move LF speaker when on samll roomsize.

006 2002/11/08 release version :
1.change Image of 3D Demo Page/Multi Page
2.change KTV Icon
3.Userdef ComboBox in 3D Demo Page only show file name not full path
4.version tooltip will show when enter titlebar
5.avoid close application when press enter/esc
6.music demo on multi page will playback continue unless press stop.
7.3D demo page only support up to 2 channel wave file
8.extend wave playback buffer to 8
9.modify stop wave playback mechanism:
 when playback to end,stop will execute only if all write out buffer be playback.

1. Mic cant record full scale signal when wake-up from S3 (a portion of 9739).

1. Max 33 streams for wave-out supported.
2. Fix bug that S/PDIF-OUT disappear when disable S/PDIF-IN (9761+).
3. Fix rear-out swapped problem on ATi-IXP.

1. Fix VREF control bug on no-sharing jackconfig.
2. Support GPIO on ATi-IXP.
3. Support TvTuner/Aux volume control re-naming.

1. nVidia CK8S/MCPS south-bridge supported.
2. ATi IXP-150/200/250/300 south-bridge supported.
3. Improve GPIO-headphone behavior.
4. Fix C/B silence when drag the master-balance slider left (or right) issue.

1. Fix the bug that jack sense cannot pass HCT test.
2. Resolve GPIO hang problem on 9761A codec.
3. Improve capture cannot pass AP test issue.
4. Fix magic voice problem.
5. Add new func that support jack sense to mute mic.
6. Fix 5+2 jackconfig problem on 9780 codec.
7. Fix manual S-Bracket mode bug issue.

1. Improve pop noise at back-out during startup.
2. Fix the problem that Sound-environment when muting the wave volume issue.
3. Fix BSOD when S/PDIF-out with PCM-out @ 8-CH issue.
4. Fix mutex mechanism for playback issue.
5. Support RADIO/AUX volume control re-naming
6. Support LINE-IN/VIDEO volume control re-naming

1. CMI-9780 (8-CH) supported.
2. 8-CH DMA supported for ICH-4/5, VIA-3059, and SiS-7012.
3. New format for WMA Pro S/PDIF.
4. Mic effect with magic voice supported.
4. Improve stereo mic function.
5. Fix SRC crashed when multi-stream & multi-rate issue.

1. improve WinDVD playback with HyperThread mode
2. fix GPIO interrupt acknowledgement issue


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Realtek AC'97 Audio for VIA8233 Audio Controller Driver Updates & Downloads

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