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\"What\'s Joost?\\n \\n It\'s video – more than 15,000 shows, with more added daily.\\n It\'s online – all you need is a broadband internet connection.\\n And it\'s free. So what are you waiting for?\\n \\n Fetures:\\n \\n Check out channels on Joost\\n So many choices, so little time. Use the Explore section to find channels, shows or videos. You can browse by category or check out what\'s new and popular. If you need instant gratification, use the search bar to find what you want.\\n \\n Use the controller\\n Remember the days of fighting for control of the remote control? Those days are over. Now you\'re always in control. Switch shows, jump forward or find something new. It\'s on your demand ... well, and your fingertips.\\n \\n Watch Joost in window mode\\n Does size matter? Debatable. Take Joost. Full-screen video, just like you want it. Unless you have to work. So make Joost smaller, drag it to a corner, do your work AND be entertained. Right click to keep Joost on top.\\n \\n Invite your friends to Joost\\n Did anyone ever tell you it\'s better to give than to receive? Uh huh. Not sure we buy that either, but when we\'re not buying anything, hey, we\'ll give it away too. So invite your friends. It\'s easy, it\'s free, and hey, it might make you feel good.\\n \\n Create your own channel\\n You wanted to be a GM of a baseball team, and they gave you fantasy baseball. Same for football. Call Joost fantasy network executive. Choose what you want to watch, program your own channel, and watch it when you want to.\\n \\n Share Joost with a friend\\n Did you see that? Right there. Fast forward. No, no, rewind. Right. There.\\n End the frustration. Share channels, shows or exact moments with friends through Joost Links. Now everyone will know what you\'re talking about.\\n \\n Blog while watching Joost\\n Sometimes it\'s good to multitask. Like when you\'ve just chomped down on a burger and someone asks you a question you don\'t want to answer. Or when you\'re watching a show on Joost and you want to write about it on your blog. \"


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by Joost Technologies B.V.

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