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RadarSync Ltd. is a world leader in PC update and data aggregation technologies. Our vision is to create a free, open community for software lovers to discover, share backup, update the software they use daily.

Press contact: pr@radarsync.com

09/7/2016: RadarSync releases a new version fully compatible with Windows 10. RadarSync fully updates Windows 10 drivers, Windows 8 drivers, Windows 7 drivers, Windows Vista drivers, and Windows XP drivers, including drivers by companies such as Nvidia and other graphics drivers, Intel, AMD, and other motherboard drivers, Realtek and other audio drivers and more.

06/20/2013: A new article from RadarSync's team: 15 Most Common Complaints About Microsoft Windows 8

05/1/2013: RadarSync announces a new partnership with Softwareload of Germany, including a series of promotions in the German market.

03/25/2012: RadarSync releases a total overhaul of PC Updater, completely re-done with the novice computer user in mind!
The all-new version has a new user interface, more accurate driver update detection, a comprehensive installation feature and easy driver backup features. Users are loving this major upgrade and the new look of RadarSync's website and PC Updater software.

09/22/2010: Kingston Technology is now promoting featuring RadarSync PC Updater to its USB customers via its App Store. See here:

8/25/2010: After several months of evaluation, RadarSync PC Updater was accepted (and is being promoted!) by Checkpoint to its customers. PC Updater will be sold via Checkpoint's marketplace as well as via email promotions to its customers

7/1/2010: Beginning 4Q10, Gigabyte Technology will be bundling a private label version of RadarSync PC Updater with all of its own-brand Motherboards, as well as promoting the product over Gigabyte's driver support website. "Gigabyte PC Updater" will be free for downloading Gigabyte drivers, but will require upgrade to download third-party drivers or software applications.

8/7/2010: RadarSync PC Updater 2010 version # released. This new version is available in 14 languages, brings more and better updates, plus new features such as community rating of updates, etc.

5/17/2010: RadarSync PC Updater 2010 now available in traditional Chinese, for our friends in Taiwan!

4/1/2010: RadarSync PC Updater 2010 is now multi-lingual! Choose from English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and simplified Chinese. More languages coming soon!

1/4/2009: Look for RadarSync as CES 2010 in Las Vegas and at our booth at the Las Vegas Affiliate Summit, January 2010!

1/4/2009:: RadarSync PC Updater 2010 has been certified by the RegNow Affiliate Network

11/30/2009: RadarSync Announces new Driver Alert Service for Premium PC Updater Members and new Alert Service Subscribers. Scan once, and get regular Alerts via Email as soon as new drivers become available for your computer. Free trial and more information here: Driver Alert Service

6/25/2009: New version of RadarSync's toolbar is now available (for IE, Firefox, and Safari). Get it from: here

6/20/2009: RadarSync now fully supports Windows 7. Download available

6/20/2009: There are now 36,000 public Packs on Packzoola. On average 500 new Packs have been added every day since launch.

5/22/09: Follow Packzoola on Twitter: http://twitter.com/packzoola

5/21/2009: RadarSync releases version
New to this version:
- Packs: a new kind of computer backup
- Pack it! button to select all or individual items to add to a Pack
- Displays both up-to-date and out of date items
- Notifies user when crucial applications are missing
- Revised Help files and on screen help

5/13/2009: Packzoola beta site up and running!

4/7/2009: RadarSync goes live with new website design. This is phase I of the launch of RadarSync's Packzoola (coming soon!)

(3/20/2008) April 2008: DownloadAtoZ launches driver download services based on RadarSync's webservices technology

(3/1/2008) RadarSync 2008 is released

2/1/2009: RadarSync 2009 ver. release. Improvements in detection engine vastly expands the number of software updates found and improves accuracy by adding more parameters for matching updates to users.

(4/26/2007) PC World's Kirk Steers recommendsRadarSync's Windows vista updates in his Hardware Tips column.

(1/26/2007) RadarSync opens free Vista driver page.

(11/23/2006) 100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia Softpedia guarantees that RadarSync is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

(11/22/2006) WugNet: "We've tested RadarSync in-house and sincerely believe using it will help your PC breathe more easily. Give it a FREE try..."

(10/30/2006) RadarSync 2007 application -- public beta release

(10/22/2006) RadarSync ToolBox and Toolbar are IE7 compatible

(10/17/2006) Trend Micro (creator of PC-cillin Internet Security 2007) certifies that RadarSync is not spyware

(10/11/2006) RadarSync selected as one of 15 most promising Israeli internet companies to join Silicon Valley Roadshow. More...

(10/5/2006) Beta RadarSync affiliate program launched through http://RadarSyncServices.com

(10/2/2006) RadarSync user profile management implemented

(6/20/2006) RadarSync is now "on the map" of the leading hi-tech companies in Israel's "Silicon Valley" Check us out!

(9/25/2006) Beta release of RadarSync Toolbar

(9/18/2006) Beta release of RadarSync ToolBox widget and new RadarSync website

(5/3/2006) RadarSync releases free driver/software scan for website owners. Now website owners can incorporate RadarSync's free scan into their websites using a free, simple, HTML tag. Get it

(12/10/2005) In response to customer demand, RadarSync removes registration process for free scan. Now visitors can try RadarSync's service (and get a complete list of updates available for their system) simply by clicking "Test Now" on RadarSync's homepage. No registration, no obligation!

(10/20/2005) RadarSync partners with CNET for driver and software updates throughcnet.com.

(9/20/2005) RadarSync partners with iXBT for online computer maintenance for the Russia market.

(9/13/2005) RadarSync Online launch: RadarSync Online's launch will be marked by one week of free access for readers of selected PC and Internet magazine

(8/28/2005) RadarSync Online - beta - almost 100,000 registered users..

(1/07/2005) RadarSync Online - beta - announced

(4/012/2004) New! RadarSync Now Includes Software Application Updates (4/12/2004).

In response to customer and end-user demand, we have expanded RadarSync 2's server artificial intelligence to include software application updates. Now when RadarSync builds a list of hardware and drivers installed on a user's PC, it also includes software applications, and when RadarSync searches for updates, it now searches for upgrades, patches, and fixes for listed software applications. "This development means that our customers can enjoy even better security and performance because of RadarSync," comments RadarSync president Noam Gordon, "and being able to take care of one more time-consuming and frustrating responsibility, so customers don't have to worry about it, is what RadarSync is all about." All are welcome to download RadarSync 2 computer driver and software update tool from http://www.radarsync.com/download.html

(3/31/2004) Version 5 - software updates added.

(2/1/2004) Version 3, COMMERCIAL

(10/21/2003) Version 2, Beta 1

(03/12/2003) QUANTA COMPUTERS is now offering RadarSync driver logistic services to its OEM/ODM customers

(03/01/2003) DFI (Taiwan motherboard maker) has licensed RadarSync. It will demo its motherboard at CeBIT with RadarSync

(11/02/2002) RadarSync released RadarSync 2 (RS2) beta version. RS2 is a system that can handle the logistics of updating the thousands of files necessary for an optimum computer experience for the life of the PC. RS2 will target the consumer market. Plans for commercialization by May 2003

(11/01/2002) RadarSync signed up Solomon Group as its Master Distributor in Taiwan

(08/01/2002) RadarSync signed up PCT as its dealer in Taiwan

(03/06/2002) RadarSync Received Purchase Order from MiTac Notebook Computer Div.

(12/25/2002) RadarSync Received Purchase Order from Gainward

(12/01/2002) RadarSync Software Signs Licensing Contract with Wistron/Acer