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These are the programs I install on my laptop after freshly installing a Windows OS. I like to do a clean install of my OS every few months, so this pack will come in handy, and save me the trouble big time.


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  • A FREE software solution for shrinking original DVDs onto recordable media.
  • You have to pay for this one. Great for converting text on the page of a book into a Word file.
  • I have Camtasia Studio on my laptop. But this is free, so why not?
  • For reading NFO files. You'll want this if you download programs off bit torrent or file sharing sites. The NFO files usually have directions on how to install the program.
  • Nifty little free defragging utility. I rarely need it since I reinstall my OS so often, but good for others.
  • Good for taking protection off DVDs. Don't use it for illegal purposes. :)
  • My favorite sure delete program. Whenever you want to delete a file just right click and you can choose multiple levels of shredding power.
  • This is the kind of program that I think I should use but never do. One of these days I'm going to want it.
  • I'm pretty happy with Vista's search function, but this little program is supersonic.
  • Whenever I need to use Internet Explorer I use this instead. This has been my favorite browser built on the IE shell for years.
  • I sometimes use this in addition to CCleaner. Different programs sometimes find different things.
  • Nice to have, although not a very reliable program.
  • If you think the culprit behind your computer's slow operation is due to startup malware and buggy junk then use this nifty little piece of software to create a log file. Then copy it onto a forum and experts will tell you what steps you should take.
  • Burn away!
  • My favorite all-purpose image viewing utility for a decade.
  • Prefer it to Spybot.
  • Better than VLC (or any other media player) for most tasks. This is my main video player.
  • Now that I use Postbox I have no need to backup Thunderbird anymore. But I still find this an essential tool for backing up Firefox. It backs up all my browser settings, addons, favorites, and passwords (if you are crazy enough to use the Firefox password manager).
  • FoxIt reader and Adobe reader are inferior to this great program. And it's free.
  • Hallellulah! Finally an email manager that can replace Thunderbird. If you use Thunderbird with Calender and other addons then you might want to stick with Thunderbird. But I didn't use addons so the switch was easy for me. Great search function, unlike Thunderbird. And creates a gallery of all the image attachments in all your emails. Since my email archive goes back ten years it was hours of fun browsing through all the pictures I've accumulated in my inbox over a decade.
  • I've never been thrilled with the performance of any of these undelete programs. But this one is better than all, if not most, of them.
  • This is a good program to have because it will delete all traces of the program from a computer.
  • My favorite video editor. I've tried all of them. This one is the eastiest (while at the same time being very powerful). Better than Premiere.
  • Does it ever take an hour for you to move a 2 gb file from one folder to another? Teracopy speeds up the process.
  • You have to pay for this one. I prefer this to Power ISO and Magic ISO because it does everything.
  • It's light, and the most dependable torrent program.
  • Powerful little video editing tool. VirtualDubMod is more useful to me, but Packzoola doesn't yet have that listed.
  • I use this occasionally for video files (what's up with the slagging pause function!?), but I mainly use it when I want to listen to an mp3 but don't feel like opening up my music manager. VLC is justly famous for it's depth, but is overrated in terms of functionality.
  • "WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool for Microsoft Windows."
  • I like to have both WinRar and 7Zip installed. Each can sometimes unzip a problem file that the other one can't.


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by danielzoola on (6/15/2009 2:07:52 AM) delete
Tx noamgordon! I'll have to look into poketalk.com and jajah.com.
by noamgordon on (6/13/2009 10:49:18 PM) delete
VERY nice pack, Daniel.