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58 Very Useful Free and Open Source Software, plus the buzz on each


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  • IM for Mac OSX
  • "Amp Font Viewer can categorize fonts and even install certain types for a single session, or save uninstalled fonts into a particular folder for archiving and backup. " -- Lifehacker
  • "A very nice MSN compatible messenger application" - Ostatic
  • "It's one thing to listen to music, and it's another to create it, edit it, or mix it. If you're interested in creating, editing, and mixing you'll want Audacity." PC World
  • "Blender has all the features you need to produce interactive 3D graphics and games that are compatible across platforms." PC World
  • Alternative browser for Mac OSX
  • "Camstudio is a free tool for recording either the whole screen or just a portion and then exporting the video in a variety of different formats." -- PC Mag
  • Convert tracks from an audio CD to WAV and MP3 files.
  • " Users love its rich feature set, as Cobian supports nearly every feature of its shareware alternatives. " - Lifehacker. Ver 9 no longer open source
  • "Carrying your work on a portable USB drive is great, but you don't want to leave your files lying around. For added security, use a shredding application" - PC World
  • cross-platform DVD authoring application
  • " a more consistent download which could mean you eventually download the file quicker." -- Softonic
  • erase sensitive data from your HD
  • "... essentially Thunderbird with a Eudora skin" - Duncan Riley, TechCrunch
  • Audio grabber for CD Roms
  • partition your HD
  • "I love the "create custom selection" feature, which I have preconfigured with the exact pixel dimension I need for one of the images I have to cut regularly." - Steven Rosenberg, LA Times Tech Talk
  • ". The powerful plugin automatically culls information from around the web whenever you search for or highlight a term, making it a handy reference tool that I could quickly get used to. " - TechCrunch.
  • combines web file management and easy-to-use WYSIWYG web page editing
  • "Control iTunes from the keyboard with a new script that adds Play, Pause, Stop, Next Song, ...." -- Lifehacker
  • "a free application that's every bit as powerful as WMC. It can timeshift and record TV, play videos and music, run fancy slide shows, tune in radio stations (both FM and Internet)..." PC World
  • Video Player "This beautifully designed freebie handles Web video feeds, downloads torrents, and is optimized for HD video playback. " -- PC World
  • "If you use Photoshop, check out Paint.net" -- TechCrunch
  • "Don't want your PDFs marked with unsightly ads? Try the open-source PDFCreator." -- PC World
  • " Our nod for file archive managers normally goes to previously mentioned 7-Zip, but with an attractive, user-friendly interface, customizable right-click options, and a standalone portable version you can add to your thumb drive, PeaZip has a charm worth checking out. " Lifehacker
  • "ou can talk to your friends using AIM, ICQ, Jabber/XMPP, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, IRC, Novell GroupWise Messenger, QQ, Lotus Sametime, SILC, SIMPLE, and Zephyr." PC Mag
  • Desktop version of the FF plug in
  • "culls data from the Web site of your choice and converts it into a desktop application." -- PC World
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  • "Think your home or small office wireless network is safe? Do you have any idea whether there are any intruders on it? This free program is a great way to find out." -- PC World
  • a complete front-end for MPlayer
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  • A free client for sharing files in DC network
  • "if you use the Thunderbird e-mail client, or if you need to access a calendar on a server from different computers running different operating systems...Sunbird is definitely worth a look" PC World
  • Free and open-source virtualization tool. May be better than VMWare
  • "If you're involved in processing video, try this piece of open-source software. It's well suited for cleaning up, editing, and trimming.... VirtualDub does an excellent job of capturing video too." PC World
  • "Open source program WinDirStat is a hard drive analyzer that gives you a visual representation of what files are taking up the most space on your disk.... Very cool" -- Lifehacker
  • "WinPatrol is a free tool you just must have on your computer: It gives you a way to stop unwanted programs from loading..." Steve Bass, Tech Bite
  • The goal of this project is to provide an open source framework, based on the Apache Struts project, for building PHP5 web applications.


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by Sean (6/20/2009 9:13:01 PM) delete
Launchy is pretty good -- it keeps down the distraction level while I'm working but can still listen to the tunes
by A packer (6/20/2009 7:42:27 PM) delete
is Launchy any good..?
by A packer (6/20/2009 7:39:48 PM) delete
That's my fav email software too. It's an old timer one!
by A packer on (6/20/2009 7:39:11 PM) delete
wow really really awesome opensource apps!!!
by noamgordon on (5/29/2009 4:58:01 PM) delete
Very very nice opensource pack, Sean. Congrats. I think the community will enjoy very much and I thank you for that. N.G. CEO RadarSync Ltd.